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Slow Computer

Computer Flu slow computer

Is your computer / laptop slow to start and use ?

Reasons why a computer can be slow:

  • Not enough memory
  • Not enough storage space
  • Too many un-necessary things running in the background
  • Running more than one antivirus package
  • Failing / faulty parts

Computer Flu Memory

I've many years experience making computers run quicker by various methods. From stopping unnecessary programs and services from starting when you first turn your computer on, to pruning out old software / apps. This can both speed up your computers total start time, and can free up memory for other programs.

I then see if the computer would go faster by installing more memory chips (RAM). This gives the computer more 'thinking space' so that it does not have to use something called 'virtual memory'. Using virtual memory really slows your computer down.

The current most cost effective way to speed up a computer / laptop is to install a Solid State Drive (SSD), this generally makes slow computers at least 4 times quicker.

From Windows XP, up to Windows 10, generally each new version of windows needs more resources (More memory, more disc space, more, more more!)

Keep your computer running in tip top condition

A relatively simple things you can do on your computer:

  • Defrag

Defrag can speed up your hard drive by re-arranging the data in a more orderly way. Modern SSD drives do not need defragging.

Old software removal

Removal of old software can also speed up your computer, and make more disk space available for your own use.

Don't let a slow computer get you down.

Having 'wireless internet' problems...

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