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Computer Flu Rates

Computer Flu Rates

I feel that my rates reflect my experience and the time it takes to fix various computer problems

This is what you are getting for your money:

  • No Call out charge
    Unlike a lot of my competitors I don't charge a call out fee
  • I visit you -
    So there is no need to disconnect anything
  • I respond fast -
    Normally within the hour - depending on my work load
  • I have over 35 years experience -
    From the original IBM PC to the present day
  • I'm flexible -
    I don't just work 9 to 5

This is what you may have to contend with from large well known companies:

  • Losing the use of your computer -
    By taking it somewhere to be fixed!
  • Hanging on the phone -
    Listening to music while you are paying 75p a minute
  • I'm not a call centre -
    We've all experienced those!
  • I'm only slightly a geek -
    I'll try and explain everything with non technical terms

After your initial phone call, I'll either agree an hourly rate, or a fixed fee

A fully working PC is more productive.
Having the problems fixed is often cheaper than a new computer.

Find out about our Fixed Rates...

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