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I like a challenge

Quite a few of my calls are from people who've 'already had someone in'. Or they've tried to fix the problem themselves, or if they spend one more minute on the HELP Lines they'll scream. Some people have even considered buying a replacement computer to get around the problem. Chances are it's cheaper to call me.

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Don't be afraid to call

Just call / email / text / WhatsApp and tell me what the computer is 'doing or not doing'. That's all you need to tell me. You don't need to know your gigabytes from your megs.

I provide a great service. I'm very flexible. I arrive on time. I do what I say I will do.

Problems Fixed:

Fixing specific problems makes up a lot of the work that I do. From virus infections or loss of your internet to a complete repair service.

Products Setup:

Setting up a new computer, if you've never used one before, can be quite daunting. It's best to get it set up properly from day one. Including, not just the relevant cables in the correct sockets, but also ensuring you have anti virus software running and your email is set up the best way to work for you.

Services Provided:

With years of experience I understand what is the best route to take with regards to helping you get the most from your computer. Whether that's providing a repair service or fixing a specific problem, or just providing help and tuition.

How do I know if my PC has a problem...

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