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How do I know if my PC has problems ?

Computer Flu detect problems

Signs of PC problems

The computer will make strange noises

It will not start up as normal

It will not let you log in

It logs in, but then locks up

It's just not working as it used to

Some problems first show themselves as an 'error message'

Your home / search page has changed

Lots of (Not Responding) problems get more frequent

Your computer will start to Blue Screen (BSOD)

blue screen

Your computer has got a lot slower

Unknown icons start appearing on your desktop

It will not connect to the internet anymore

When you first start your PC it's nnot connecting to the internet

You think it's caught a virus

Your screen will not display anything

Your gettings lots of adverts or notifications popping up

The number of lights has changed on your broadband modem

Get your computer running as it should do - give me a call

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