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Computer Repairs

Computer Flu Basic Hardware fitted

No point buying a new PC or Laptop if something simple has stopped working, or just needs a repair

I can diagnose, recommend and install whatever equipment needs changing. Generally it's cheaper to fix that buy a new computer.

A lot of times there may be nothing physically wrong with the computer and it just needs some expert knowledge to get it running how it should.

If it's not cost effective then I would advise that it is not worth fixing.

PC Hardware that I'll change

  • New Hard Drives
  • Monitors
  • Graphics Cards
  • Power Supply Units Computer Flu hardware repair
  • Most Memory Chips
  • Intel Processors
  • Popular Motherboards
  • Modems
  • Network cards
  • Keyboards & Mouse
  • DVD / CDROM Drives
  • DVD / CD Writers
  • BIOS Batteries

Laptop / Netbook Repairs

    Computer Flu laptop repair
  • New Hard Drives
  • AC Adapters
  • Most Memory Chips
  • Replacement keyboards
  • DVD / CD Writers
  • BIOS Batteries

About the only hardware I will not change is hard to find replacement motherboards.

Most Ink Jet Printing problems, can be cured by running a cleaning routine

Computer running slow ? ...

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