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Help and Training

Computer Flu help and training

Struggling to do something on your computer ?

Do you feel you are not getting the most out of your laptop / computer or tablet / ipad ?. Let me help you - with years and years of experience I can help you with most things.


  • The internet
  • Apps
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Online shopping
  • Online banking
  • Ebay & PayPal
  • Getting your smartphone / digital camera pictures into the computer
  • Keeping your computer running at it's best
  • Scanning documents and photos
  • Music and iTunes / Google Play / Amazon store
  • Backup up your own data (documents/photos/music/etc)
  • Word processing (Word) / Spreadsheet (Excel) / Presentations (PowerPoint)
  • Zoom, Teams, Meet, Skype and Webcams
  • More or less anything

Don't be afraid of your computer / tablet - have a little help.

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