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Computer Flu - Fixed Rates

Computer Flu Fixed Rates

These are my Rates as from
1 Dec 2023

Most of my work is charged by the hour. I will charge you 45 for the 1st hour, then 30 an hour after the 1st hour. After the 1st hour I will then charge to the nearest 10 minutes. So if a job took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to fix, then I would charge you 45 for the 1st hour, then 15 for the half an hour. Making a total of 60

I try to work as fast as your computer / laptop / tablet will let me.

Hourly Rate
for the 1st hour.
No call out charge.
Hourly Rate
after the 1st hour.
Rounded to the nearest 10 minutes.
For example:
1 hr 20 mins = 45+10

1 hr 45 mins = 45+20
2 hrs = 45+30

This list below shows typically what it's likely to cost for certain jobs. Most customers have a list of things that they want fixed, so I charge my hourly rate above. If you wanted your wireless broadband setup and a new laptop setup, then I would not charge 45 (Wireless broadband setup) and 45 (Laptop setup) =90, just my hourly rates above. Which typically takes just an hour and a half (60)

Example Computer ProblemsCost
Simple Virus / Malware removal45
Virus & Malware removal50
Startup problems45
New WIFI Printer setup45
Broadband Internet problems45
Computer Health Check45
Wireless broadband setup.
This includes making it secure with encryption
New Laptop/PC Setup50
Fit new hardware
+ Parts
Data Transfer.
This is to backup data from a working computer
Data Recovery.
This is to backup data from a non-working computer

A Comparison

In the BT Update (Dated July 2007) their home IT support service charges 75 for the 1st hour, then 30 for each subsequent half an hour. So you can see that I offer great value.

In a leaflet from PC World (April 2009) for them to setup your wireless internet in your home 89.99. Subsequent PCs/Laptops/Printers are 19.99 each


Computer Flu Card Payments

I expect to be paid after I have completed the work. If you are not happy with my work, I don't expect to be paid. I accept cheques / cash / online bank transfer / credit cards / debit cards / apple & google pay

Cheques should be made payable to 'by default'

I don't charge a call-out charge or VAT.

Typical timescales to Fix PC Problems...

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