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Computer Flu - Timescales

Computer Flu Timescales

These are typical times

Unfortunately no two PCs and their problems are exactly the same. But you can use this as a guide for how long it takes me to fix common problems.

Please use this only as a guide, as I cannot guarantee this is exactly how long something will take to fix.

Computer ProblemsTime to fix
Virus removal1 hour
Spyware removal1 to 3 hours
Virus & Spyware removal1 to 4 hours
Startup problems1 to 2 hours
Broadband problems1 hour
Laptop/PC Health Check1 hour
Wireless broadband setup1 to 2 hours
New Laptop/PC Setup1 to 2 hours
Fit new hardware1 to 2 hours
Data Transfer1 to 2 hours
Data Recovery (failed HD)1 to 4 hours

Remember... no two problems are the same.

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