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Highly suspect warning messages

This page contains screengrabs of highly dubious pieces of software. Warning you about certain things - but they themsleves are the bad pieces of software. The tell tale signs usually follow some or all of these rules

  • You cannot remove the message
  • The software automatically starts up without you doing anything
  • Absence of a brand name
  • The software appears to find bad things
  • The software wants payment before it will remove things
  • You pay your money and things then get worse


They are mainly after your credit card details.

Scroll down to see the full collection!

These 'screengrabs' were captured from a customers computer (with permission), to show you some examples of the bogus software in action.

This 1st collection is from way back in 2008

The screens may have changed over the years - but the modus operandi is still the same.

01 - Bogus message XP Antivirus 2008

02 - This is not an official windows security notice XP Antivirus

03 - Designed to make you worry xp anti virus protection

04 - Notice the spelling mistake fake windows security center

The tell tale signs from the above images are "no brand name" eg. Norton, McAfee, etc, but instead use generic words like XP/Vista Antivirus and a Year. Also the spelling mistake.

September 2008

Warning spyware detected

February 2009

spyware guard 2009

March 2009 - This one was shown as the wallpaper on the desktop. With a Flashing Warning Message

warning dangerous spyware

March 2009 - A360 - Pretends to scan and always finds bad things

a360 rogue anti virus

April 2009 - Yellow bar trying to infect a computer - norton 360 was running and up to date

Antivirus 360 yellow bar

April 2009 - Pretends to scan when you turn on your computer and intends to make you scared

Critical Warning

May 2009 - Looks just like the real AVG antivirus program

Personal Antivirus

May 2009 - Fake windows security message - while McAfee was running

Fake windows security message

June 2009 - Fake windows security message - norton was up to date

Fake critical warning message

June 2009 - Fake windows security message - norton running

Fake vulnerability

June 2009 - Fake win32 worm message

Fake w32 message

July 2009 - Generic looking program - Pretends to scan your computer

antivirus agent pro

July 2009 - Detected Threats - notice the spelling mistake on 'prevent' in the yellow balloon

Detected threats

July 2009 - Fake windows balloon message

Fake windows message balloon - your computer is infected

October 2009 - SecurityTool Scan


October 2009 - SecurityTool Icon & Balloon Message - This customer was running Norton 360 and got infected

Security Tool icon balloon

December 2009 - AntiMalware Scan

AntiMalware fake scan

December 2009 - AntiMalware Advert

AntiMalware advert

December 2009 - AntiMalware Network Alert

AntiMalware network alert

December 2009 - AntiMalware fake message

AntiMalware security alert

December 2009 - AntiMalware Icons & Balloon Message - This customer was running McAfee and got infected

AntiMalware Icons and Balloon

February 2010 - AntiVirus Plus - This customer was running Vista with Nod32 AntiVirus

AntiVirus Plus fake scan

February 2010 - Fake Security Center message for AntiVirus Plus

AntiVirus fake security center

February 2010 - Fake Warnings

AntiVirus fake 32 warnings

February 2010 - Fake Critical Updates

Fake Critical Updates

March 2010 - Vista Internet Security - This customer was running Norton 360 and Windows Vista

Vista Internet Security fake scan

March 2010 - Vista Internet Security - Fake Warning Message

Fake Warning Message

March 2010 - Windows Security Centre - Saying Vista Internet Security is switched off

Vista Internet Security summary

March 2010 - Rogue Internet Explorer message - about:blank

Rogue Internet Explorer message

March 2010 - Fake Firewall alert

Fake firewall alert

March 2010 - System Hacked Warning

Fake System Hacked Warning

March 2010 - A Whole load of bogus balloon messages

A Whole load of bogus balloon messages

October 2010 - Smart Engine - results

Smart Engine scan

Smart Engine - Infected results

Smart Engine infected

Smart Engine - Infected results

Smart Engine about

November 2010 - Thinkpoint - start screen

Thinkpoint start screen

Thinkpoint - pretend scan

Thinkpoint fake scan

January 2011 - Antivirus 8 - start screen

Antivirus 8 overview

Antivirus 8 - fake message saying virus detected

Antivirus 8

Spambot - This user was running Kaspersky


Fake Scan Results


March 2011 - Windows Power Expansion - fake

Windows Power Expansion

Windows Power Expansion - Deny

Windows Power Expansion

April 2011 - Spyware Protection - This user was running ESET smart security

Spyware Protection

June 2011 - PC Performance - This user was running AVG free

Fake PC Performance

June 2011 - Fake Blue Screen

Fake windows blue screen

June 2011 - Metropolitan Police - Fake Warning Message UKASH etc

Fake Warning Ukash

Feb 2012 - Fake Security Shield - This PC was running McAfee Internet Security

Fake security shield

March 2012 - Fake firewall

Fake firewall

July 2012 - Metropolitan Police - This user was running AVG free

Fake Warning Ukash

September 2012 - West Yorkshire Police - scam 100 pounds

Fake west yorkshire police

October 2012 - PCeU Police e-Crime Unit

Fake PCeU Police ecrime unit

October 2012 - Fake Repair PC

Fake Repair PC

December 2012 - Fake Windows AV Component

Fake windows av component

June 2013 - Fake Department of Justice

Fake department of justice

January 2014 - CryptoLocker

CryptoLocker 1

January 2014 - Crypto Locker - MoneyPak

CryptoLocker 2

November 2014 - The ICE Cyber Crime Centre

CryptoLocker 2

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