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Computer Flu PC Problems

I can fix most computer problems within an hour

PC Problems I've fixed in the past include:

  • Virus, Maleware, Spyware removal
  • Windows startup problems
  • Broadband not connecting
  • Wireless connections
  • Wireless printer not being recognized
  • Unable to send or receive email
  • General internet problems
  • Printers & scanners installed
  • Spring cleaning MOT computers
  • Windows optimization to speed things up
  • Data backed up from old Laptop or PC to new Laptop or PC
  • Data recovered from damaged and faulty harddrive
  • Blue Screens
  • Noisy fans
  • Speeding up a slow laptop / PC
  • Total Windows 10 re-installation
  • Installing Solid State Drives (SSDs) / graphics cards / more memory

Some problems take longer than others

Some of the newer forms of spyware are getting more resistant to eradicate.

Spyware is the new 'spam'. It's big business to some companies around the world. It is in their interest that this unwelcome software stays firmly embedded on your PC.

The first signs of spyware is the dreaded pop-ups. While browsing the internet, these windows popup, displaying adverts. As things get worse, the adverts increase.

The next stage of spyware is the home page hijack. Unrequested by yourself, your home page changes from google/aol/wannadoo/etc, to pages filled with adverts for casinos, p0rn, gambling etc.

The worse end of the scale of spyware, is the dreaded 'keylogger'. These nasty things can record every key you press and transmit the information back to the spyware authors.

The final stage of spyware is where your computer will either not startup, not connect to the net, or grind to a halt, as it's so infected with spyware.

News Stories on Malware / Spyware

60% of the PC's I've fixed had some form of spyware installed.

How I fix your PC problems...

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