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Computer Flu - Phishing Examples

These are actual examples of Phishing emails we've received.

An email pretending to be from pay pal

Pay Pal Phishing

On first impressions, it looks like the email is from - when in fact it's really from

Also, notice where the actual hyperlink (blue underlined text) is going to....
It appears to be going to
But infact (see red arrow) is going to

People who fall for this fake email, and actually visit the fake site, and enter their confidential pay pal information, are actually giving it to the phishing scammer.

An email pretending to be from DHL.


While this is not strictly phishing for information - these type of emails are designed to infect your computer when you open the attachment.

I hope these real examples show you what to look for.

See phishing examples from all the major banks and building societies

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